Our Cabin Lift for Public & Commercial Buildings

The Aritco CommercialLift Cabin lift is engineered to meet all quality, safety, and service standards. It's ideal for challenging and demanding environments like schools, shops, and residential buildings. The lift was designed for ease of use without compromising appearance, feel, performance, and operation. With no machine room or deep pit required, it provides complete design freedom, simple usability, and total safety. Its energy-efficient traction drive and fully automatic telescopic doors make it a versatile, cost-effective passenger lifting solution.

Fitted into your existing shaft or supported in its structural frame, the Cabin Lift provides a familiar user experience and single-touch controls, with fantastic sustainability and simple electrical operation. With no machine room required, the lift takes up minimal space. The Aritco CommercialLift Cabin has low-cost traction lift technology plus all the features you expect from a conventional lift – with the option of a glass shaft, providing a stylish and familiar access choice for users.


2, 3 or 4 stage fully automatic telescopic sliding doors

120mm pit (140mm with structure) and 2600mm headroom as standard

Up to 5 stops, with maximum 6 doors (max. 2 doors per floor)

Travel up to 14,600mm

One touch control

Indoor or outdoor environments

Stainless steel finishes available

Install into an existing shaft, or it’s own self-supporting structure


Technical compliance

European Machine directive 2006/42/EC

Lift type

Platform lift intended for use in public & commercial environment

Drive System

Traction device with lifting belts and pulleys

Rated Speed (Max)

0,15 m/s

Travel Height

350 -14 600 mm

No. Of Stops

Max. 5 stops per lift

Number of doors

Max. 6 doors per lift

No. of doors per floor

Max. 2 doors per floor


120-140 mm below floor (no pit is required when there is a ramp)


One or two sides

Top height

Minimum 2600 mm

Platform control

Press one time to operate the lift

Landing control (on door)



Battery operated emergency lowering

Emergency lowering

One-touch call

Control voltage



3 kW

Power supply

1-phase 230V 50 Hz/9 A/16 A slow

Rated load

400 kg 1

1 Standard capacity is 400 kg. When using cabin glass doors lift capacity will decrease with 50 kg per glass door. I.e. lift capacity with one glass door is 350 kg and lift capacity with two cabin doors is 300 kg.


Platform Size

Rated Load



1000 x 1240 mm

400 kg

5 pers.

Lone user or type A

1140 x 1400 mm

400 kg

5 pers.

A or B with attendant

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