Accessibility for your home

Aritco HomeLift Access is intended to provide you, your family and your friends access to all areas of your home. A practical and stylish lift with sizes to suit all requirements. Energy-efficient, with low power consumption and operating costs - it consumes the same amount of energy as a kettle or hairdryer whilst being made from up to 95% recyclable materials.

A home lift expands users' options, improves their lifestyles, and can future-proof forever homes; that's why the Aritco HomeLift Access is available in various finishes, configurations, options, and additions to match any home. You can select from more than 200 colours, two glass types, and eight floor materials for design and personalisation.

Furthermore, it has been specifically designed for the home. As a result, all features have been designed to provide an easy user experience, with a fully lit control panel of buttons that are all simple to use. We also understand the importance of safety, so our lifts have features like safety edges around the platform, locking doors, emergency battery lowering, and a telephone or autodialler in the lift.


Multiple lift sizes

Single or double glass, half height gate or fire rated doors available

Shaft enclosure supplied with lift

Safety edges around platform

Glazed or solid shaft panels

50mm pit or ramp

Door on up to 3 different sides

Integral electrical cabinet


Technical compliance

European Machine directive
European standard EN 81-41

Lift type

Home lift intended for installation in private homes. Only to be used in buildings without public access.

Drive System

Patented screw/nut system

Rated Speed (Max)


Travel Height

500 -13 000 mm 1

No. Of Stops

Max. 6 stops per lift

Number of doors

Max. 6 doors per lift

No. of doors per floor

Max. 2 doors per floor


50 mm (no pit is required when there is a threshold/ramp)

Top Height

Minimum 2240 mm. Maximum 4000 mm. (1100-1600 mm with half height door)

Platform control

”Hold to run”, the destination button must be kept pressed down during the whole ride

Landing control (on door)

One-touch call



Emergency lowering

Battery operated emergency lowering

Control voltage



2,8kW (3kW for higher speed)

Locking System

Electrical 2

Power supply

1-phase 230V 50 Hz/16 A/16 A slow 3-phase 230V 50 Hz/9 A/16 A slow 3-phase 400V 50 Hz/5.2 A/16 A slow

Rated load

250, 410 or 500 kg (depending on platform size)

1 Travel height when having a half door is maximum 3000 mm
2 For lifts with double hinged glass doors mechanical locking system will be used.


Platform Size

Exterior Dimensions

Rated Load



900 x 1040 mm

1300 x 1160 mm

250 kg

2 pers.


900 x 1280 mm

1300 x 1400 mm

410 kg

5 pers.

Lone user or type A*

900 x 1480 mm

1300 x 1600 mm

410, 500 kg

5, 6 pers.

A or B with attendant*

1000 x 1280 mm

1400 x 1400 mm

410 kg

5 pers.

Lone user or type A*

1000 x 1480 mm

1400 x 1600 mm

410, 500 kg

5, 6 pers.

A or B with attendant*

1100 x 1480 mm

1500 x 1600 mm

410, 500 kg

5, 6 pers.

A or B with attendant, adjacent entry*

1000 x 1980 mm

1400 x 2100 mm

500 kg

6 pers.

A or B with attendant*

1100 x 1580 mm

1500 x 1700 mm

500 kg

6 pers.

A or B with attendant, adjacent entry*

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