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Lifting Possibilities: Elevating accessibility

We offer a wide range of lifts for installation in residential, public, and commercial buildings. Our lifts are built and designed with exceptional quality, safety, and dependability in mind, meeting the highest requirements for accessibility, comfort, space efficiency, and design with various options to suit both new and existing buildings perfectly.


All of our products are up to 95% sustainable

5 Year

All our products are covered by a 5 year warranty


Our lifts contain a battery backup system


Team of experts engineers that know our lifts inside out

A Lift Solution for Every Situation

Lift solutions for every situation, whether it’s a home, a shopping centre, an office, or any other place. Explore our world of solutions below.

Aritco Homelift

Aritco HomeLift adds a special touch to your home. Its beautiful design makes your home stand out. It enhances your home and maximises its potential. Whether you need a lift for a multi-story house for accessibility or to make daily tasks easier, many customers choose this lift to add a modern and luxurious touch.

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Aritco Homelift Compact

Enhanced accessibility and design are now in smaller packages. No home or space is too small for the Aritco HomeLift Compact's convenience and safety. This elegant lift combines the benefits of being small with the ability to think big, whether you're helping clients build a new home or future-proof an existing one.

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Aritco Homelift Access

Aritco HomeLift Access gives you, your family, and friends full home access. A stylish and functional lift in various sizes. Made from up to 95% recyclable materials, it uses the same amount of energy as a kettle or hairdryer and has low power and operating costs.

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Aritco Publiclift Access

Aritco Publiclift Access provides reliable and safe access for all in public and commercial buildings. One of the most versatile platform lifts on the market, it provides a simple, cost-effective solution for access in almost any building while meeting the highest quality, safety, and service life standards.

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Aritco publiclift Cabin

Aritco Publiclift Cabin lifts meet quality, safety, and service standards. It excels in demanding settings like schools and shops. The lift was designed for simplicity without sacrificing appearance, feel, performance, or operation. It offers complete design freedom, usability, and safety without a machine room or deep pit.

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