Uniquely designed for your home

Aritco HomeLift is designed to be that extra feature of your home. It is decorative and has a spectacular design feature that makes your home unique. It adds a touch of luxury to your home and unlocks its full potential. It adds a design statement to the home and illuminates a hallway with the desired colour lighting. Many of our customers choose this lift to add a modern and luxurious touch to a project, whether they need a lift for a house with multiple floors for accessibility or to add ease and help with daily tasks.

The Aritco HomeLift includes a 'DesignWall' feature; unlike any other product on the market, customers can choose from a carefully selected artwork created by a selection of prominent Scandinavian Artists and Designers to display on the back wall of the lift to make a statement, or can choose their image as desired, or plain for a classically timeless lift design if preferred.

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of creating a mood in your home. The best light architects in Sweden designed the lighting for the Aritco HomeLift and will help you create a variety of atmospheres in your home. The standard lift includes white lights for the DesignWall, shaft corners, and ceiling. Coloured lights for the shaft corners and ceiling can be ordered.

The SmartControl is the control panel's focal point and a unique design feature of the Aritco HomeLift. The SmartControl panel is always beautifully lit with LED lights and is intuitive and user-friendly.

Because of its durability and neutral colour, our lifts come with stylish, high-quality Sisal Plain Sand flooring from the well-known Swedish company Bolon. Its structure and design complement various other floor materials and colours. You can also add a bespoke flooring option to the lift or select another floor from the selection.


Optimal design and size with a wide range of finishes

Low maintenance and operating costs

Made using up to 95% recyclable materials

Minimal building work & quick installation

Energy efficient (low power usage)

Self-contained unit (no separate machine room)

Patented screw/nut technology

Equipped with our SmartSafety system


Technical compliance

European Machine directive
European standard EN 81-41

Lift type

Home lift intended for installation in private homes. Only to be used in buildings without public access.

Drive System

Patented screw/nut system



Travel Height

500 - 15,000 mm

Top Height

Minimum 2,225 mm.
Wall extension 2,275-4,000 mm

No. of floors

2 to 6 floors


Recessed installation with a 37 mm pit, or installed directly on the floor with a ramp

Control from carrier control panel

Hold to run – press and hold 1

Control from call button

One touch operation

Rated speed (max)

0.15 m/s



Carrier Size

Exterior Dimensions

Rated Load


600 x 830 mm

966 x 880 mm

250 kg / 2 persons


1000 x 830 mm

1366 x 880 mm

250 kg / 3 persons


1100 x 830 mm

1466 x 880 mm

250 kg / 3 persons


1000 x 1200 mm

1366 x 1250 mm

400 kg / 5 persons


1100 x 1400 mm

1466 x 1450 mm

400 kg / 5 persons

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