Our most compact home lift

Excellent accessibility and design are now available in more compact packages. No house or space is too small for the convenience and safety of a home lift with the Aritco HomeLift Compact. Whether you're assisting clients in building an innovative, new home from the ground up or future-proofing an existing home, this elegant lift combines the advantages of being small with the possibility of thinking big.

Our most space-efficient lift opens up possibilities in previously thought-too-small homes. With its modern design, customisable features, and connectivity, the home lift combines the benefits of being small with the ability to think big. The lift follows the same Scandinavian design philosophy as our other lifts. Its size and design meet all comfort, space, and design requirements.

With three platform sizes, the Aritco HomeLift Compact can be configured to be used as a small standard wheelchair lift or to carry up to two passengers, making it ideal for any size property - and it's eco-friendly to run, consuming roughly the same amount of power per year as a washing machine.

This domestic lift comes with a shaft enclosure, making it virtually self-contained, and it is simple to install anywhere in a new build or as a retrofit in existing homes. The Aritco HomeLift Compact is a stylish and functional lift designed to blend into and modernise any home.


Optimal design and size with a wide range of finishes

Low maintenance and operating costs

Made using up to 95% recyclable materials

Minimal building work & quick installation

Energy efficient (low power usage)

Self-contained unit (no separate machine room)

Patented screw/nut technology

Equipped with our SmartSafety system


Technical compliance

European Machine directive
European standard EN 81-41

Lift type

Home lift intended for transportation of persons in buildings where the users are known.

Drive System

Patented screw/nut system

Rated Speed (Max)


Travel Height

1 600 - 15,000 mm

No. Of Stops

Max. 6 stops per lift

Number of doors

Max. 6 doors per lift

No. of doors per floor

Max. 2 doors per floor


50 mm (no pit is required when there is a threshold/ramp)

Top Height

Always 2,248 mm

Platform control

”Hold to run”, the destination button must be kept pressed down during the whole ride

Landing control (on door)

One-touch call



Emergency lowering

Battery operated emergency lowering

Control voltage




Power supply

1-phase 230 V. Fuse 16A slow 1

Rated Load

250 kg

1 Frequency 50 or 60 Hz. Frequency Converter always included.



Carrier Size

Exterior Dimensions

Rated Load


580 x 805 mm

840 x 880 mm

250 kg / 2 persons


880 x 805 mm

1140 x 880 mm

250 kg / 2 persons


1080 x 805 mm

1340 x 930 mm

250 kg / 2 persons

1140 x 1400 mm

400 kg

5 pers.

A or B with attendant

1140 x 1400 mm

400 kg

5 pers.

A or B with attendant

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