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Service Lifts


Service lifts are one of our many specialities here at Innovate lifts and we can provide you with a range of different service lifts to suit your requirements. Dumb waiters are one of our most popular types of service lifts and they are frequently used in the catering industries, particularly in hotels and restaurants where the kitchen is on a different floor to the dinning area.

Dumb waiters are ideal for raising and lowering small loads, however we can also provide you business with more heavy duty service lifts for moving heavy loads, for example some of the service lifts we can offer have a maximum load capacity of 500kg.

Dumb Waiters

Service lifts that are capable of carrying heavier loads have a number of applications and are not just restricted to the catering industries, if your business has to frequently move large loads up and down flights of stairs why not consider the installation of one of more service lifts.

If you are considering purchasing service lifts then contact us today to arrange a quotation. All of our services lifts are installed by our team of highly skilled and professional engineers to the highest standard. You will certainly be satisfied with the smooth operation of our service lifts and improved efficiency they will provide your business with.

Innovate lifts are renowned for our high standard of service and competitive quotations without any compromise on quality, so if you or you business requires service lifts then contact us for a quotation.